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Intercultural Training USA

Effectively working with Americans

Are you doing business with partners or colleagues based in the US? This training for working effectively with US Americans will help you understand your partners' behavior, so that you can effectively achieve your goals.

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Understanding the US mindset

The American way of business may appear to be known on the surface, but when interacting with Americans, differences in ways of doing business may cause misunderstandings and disrupt a once good working relationship.

Business practices are linked to culture. Expectations about good communication, how projects should flow, defining good teamwork, understanding the role of the team leader differ greatly between the US and their foreign counterparts. Being aware of the differences in working styles and understanding how to communicate with one another is essential for successful cross-border team-work. 

If you work with Americans, this training will help you effectively communicate with Americans and give you the tools for effective partnerships. 

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    Training benefits

    In order to excel at anything, you need to open to doing things differently.

    Here are some of the benefits you get from this training.

    • Individualized training materials
    • In depth look at intercultural awareness
    • Understanding of your personal communication style
    • In-depth look at values, behavior and perception
    • Cultural Briefing USA - understanding American mentalities, institutions and way of life
    • Cultural Dimensions & Communication Frameworks for working with Americans.
    • Managing intercultural conflicts
    • Tools for synergy and effective cross-border teamwork

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