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Training design

Your wishes fulfilled

I design a course based on your particular situation with appropriate training content to reach your goals.

How does the training design process work?


Defining & designing

Your goals are my goals. Through in depth consultation, needs analysis and testing, I help you define your objectives. This is the basis for your solutions-focused course design.

Course Layout

Face to face:

  • Half day or full day trainings
  • 90 min. weekly sessions; groups of 8 people max
  • Coaching sessions

Online interactive learning: 

  • 90 minute or 2 hour block sessions
  • 8 participants max. to ensure quality interaction
  • Coaching sessions  60 min.


Fine-tuning your skills

Practice makes perfect. You will get knowledge and strategies to reach your public with clarity and impact. You will also get a chance to practice in a safe environment where you can fine-tune your skills. Advancing your learning and your communicaiton skills is at the heart of every training.


Your measuring-stick

Commited to learning. During the course, you will get and give valuable feedback essential for your over-all learning. I provide a follow-up debrief on the action plans taken after the training. Long-lasting results with your commitment to adapting the strategies learned in our training.

Follow-up Coaching

Long-term impact

Having a growth mindset is critical in today's ever-changing world. Once training is complete, follow up coaching can be booked based on need.

Shift your thinking, change your experience.

Are you planning a training and need support?

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