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About me & my approach

Your goals are my focus.

My clients choose to work with me because I listen carefully to them and focus sharply on their goals. Our work together is about discovery and this is also why my clients keep coming back.

My approach

Ideas Put To Life

My trainings balance learning by doing with the current theoretical know-how and personal coaching. Combining improvisational theater techniques, physical and vocal techniques with effective communication skills, I help you put your ideas to life so that you can perform more effectively in an international environment.

Training your “muscles”

Communication skills are like muscles that need to be trained. Without practice and the opportunity for feedback, it is difficult to improve your communication skills or to try new approaches. Through self-reflexion, know-building, feedback and coaching, you will get tools and skills that you can apply to all situations whether in business or private life.

Laughter is the key that opens the lock.

Laughter connects us to each other and deep learning takes place when we are happy and relaxed. Whether international team building, intercultural training or communication seminars, my trainings will stick in your memory as being engaging, effective and enjoyable.

Relevance and continual growth

By working closely with you and with your organization, my training programs are designed to integrate effective communication skills and intercultural learning which are relevant to  your business life. I help you set clear milestones which enable your success and continual growth.


It is my endeavor that you have an unforgettable training experience with a lasting impact on you personally and on the way you do business. Learn to think differently and ignite your creativity.

About me

Let me introduce myself

My name is Barbara Sametinger and I am a Communications Trainer and certified Intercultural Trainer specialized in performance skills for professionals in communication, intercultural training and business English.

20 years strong

I have accumulated 20 years of training expertise by working with many multinational corporations from all sectors providing training for all levels of learners and on a diversity of topics. Creativity is core to my training approach.

Cross-cultural experience

Over the two decades, I have relocated several times between the US, France and Germany. Fluent in French, German and English, my native language, and having founded a family in Germany, I have a deep understanding of language learning and the impact of culture on communication.

Having completed my studies in International Studies and languages in the USA and in France, I have the theoretical know-how backed with the personal experience necessary for intercultural training. 


Working Effectively with Germans
Intercultural Training Manual – Sametinger, Barbara, 2014
Publisher: Arbeitsgemeinschaft internationaler Sprachschulen Deutschland e.V.

Professional Skills

  • International corporate training experience in France, Germany and Switzerland

  • Trilingual in English, German and French

  • Certified Intercultural Trainer & Coach - artop Institut an der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

  • Leading & Coaching Across Cultures, COF certification - Rosinski & Co

  • Academic background in International Studies, Culture and Languages 

  • Extensive  experience with expatriation and communication across cultures

  • Certified Emergenetics Associate


Sietar – Society for Intercultural education, training and research