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Relocation Training

Living and working in the USA/Germany

Are you about to relocate to Germany or to the USA? Do you often go to the USA or Germany for short work assignments?

Better prepared for adventure

I provide expatriation training and intercultural training for executives who frequently have work stays in the USA/Germany or who are planning on relocating there.

Spouse and Family training can also be combined with this training package. 

    Wake up to the adventure calling. Think with your heart and accept that you know very little but just enough to try.


    Training benefits

    In order to thrive in a new environment, you need to be curious and open to new ways of doing things.

    Here are some of the benefits you get from this training.

    • Global Adaptation Skills Assessment
    • In-depth look at intercultural dimensions, values, behavior and perception
    • Tools for dealing with culture adaptation
    • Cultural orientations framework for work
    • Cultural Briefing - understanding cultural mentalities, institutions and way of life
    • Coaching and skill building for successfully working and building relationships

    Shift your thinking, change your experience.

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