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Intercultural Training Germany

Effectively working with Germans

Are you doing business with partners or colleagues based in Germany?

Understanding the German mindset

Effective cross-border team-work relies not only on good communication but also on an understanding of how our partners’ expectations and values influence their working styles. To work effectively with Germans, means trying to gain an understanding of differing cultural values which may have an impact on your international partnership.

If you have moved to Germany or are working with German partners, this training will help you effectively communicate with Germans, provide you tools for understanding your partners’ expectations and strategies for overcoming cultural misunderstandings.

Logic will get you from A to Z; but imagination will take you everywhere.

Albert Einstein

Training benefits

In order to excel at anything, you need to open to doing things differently.

Here are some of the benefits you get from this training.

  • Individualized training materials
  • In depth look at intercultural awareness
  • Understanding of your personal communication style
  • In-depth look at values, behavior and perception
  • Cultural Briefing Germany – understanding German mentalities, institutions and way of life
  • Cultural Dimensions & Communication Frameworks for working with Germans
  • Managing intercultural conflicts
  • Tools for synergy and effective cross-border teamwork

Shift your thinking, change your experience.

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