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Presentation Skills

Presenting with impact

Do you have to give presentations, talks, to speak in meetings, deliver trainings or sales speeches in English?

Powerfully presenting

In this course, you will gain skills to present clearly and with impact in English. Building on your existing knowledge and experience, you will get tools to systematically create a clear action plan with a message that sticks.

You will also learn how to adapt your presentation across cultures. Through workshop exercises, your will tap into your authentic voice and become a more comfortable, empathetic and dynamic presenter.

Gaining authentic and natural presentations skills will give you the confidence you need to present with impact.

    Knowledge is power, but enthusiasm pulls the switch.

    Ivern Ball

    Training benefits

    In order to excel at anything, you need to practice. To become an exceptional presenter or just a confident presenter, you need to spend time perfecting your craft.

    Here are some of the benefits of this training.

    • Deliver a dynamic and powerful presentation
    • Find your authentic voice and stage presence
    • Structure and deliver presentations which are memorable
    • Apply business storytelling for impact
    • Express your ideas visually
    • Gain confidence to perform in English
    • Tailor your presentation across cultures and connect to your audience

    Shift your thinking, change your experience.

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