Telephoning in English

Connecting successfully

In your job, do you often have to make calls with English speaking colleagues or partners? Do you need to telephone in English with non-native English speakers?

If you frequently have to make phone calls in English, improving your telephoning skills will help you save time and trouble. This course will provide you tools to manage a range of business situations on the phone. You will work on your pronunciation, increase your listening comprehension and train English telephoning language. Through multiple role plays, you will train telephone scenarios and gain conversation management tools for telephoning in English.

Training Benefits

  • Increase you English telephoning vocabulary
  • Improve your pronunciation and listening skills
  • Fine-tune your telephone diplomacy in English
  • Get concrete tools for managing difficult telephone calls
  • Get hands on practice and performance feedback

Fact sheet

Who should join?

You work on an international level and English is the working language.

Required English Level

You have a B1 or higher level in English.


Dialogs, role plays, scenarios, improvisation techniques, voice recording, performance feedback.


Individual Coaching: 1 to 1 in-company training
Corporate Group Training: 8 participants maximum
Open Seminars: 8 participants maximum

Course Length

Based on individual needs and program design.

Course Price

Based on number of hours and participants.


In-company courses are at your place of business.

Open seminars in Freiburg will be specific on the program details.