Relocation Training - United States

Living and working in the US

Are you about to move to the USA? Do you often go to the USA for short work assignments?

I provide cross-cultural training for executives who frequently have work stays in the USA or who are planning on living there. Spouse and Family training can also be combined with this training package. Understanding American values and communication patterns are the goal of this training.

Training Benefits

  • Global adaptation skills assessment
  • In-depth look at cross-cultural dimensions & cultural values
  • Tools for dealing with culture shock
  • Communication frameworks for working in the United States.
  • Cultural Briefing USA - understanding American mentalities and way of life

Fact sheet

Who should join?

German professionals and their families moving to the US for work purposes.
German professionals on short work assignments.

Required English Level

You have a B2 or higher level in English.


Knowledge Building and Performance Training using case studies, cultural indices, and role-plays

Complementary to your course:

English Language Coaching
You can combine tailored English language coaching on top of your expatriate training.


Individual Coaching: 1 to 1 coaching
Corporate Group Training: 8 participants maximum
Open Seminars: not available

Course Length

Based on individual needs and program design.

Course Price

Based on number of hours and participants.


To be determined by the participant.