Negotiating Across Cultures

Building effective partnerships

Do you have to do business deals in English with international clients or partners?

As interactions have become more global, we are dealing with partners whose language, expectations, and behavior differ, making communication and negotiating even more complex. Cultural barriers between partners can potentially lead to miscommunication and lost business opportunities. If you want your international business transaction to go more smoothly, cross-cultural know-how is essential for effective communication.

This training focuses on identifying your negotiation style and helping you identify where communication breaks down due to cultural differences. Training your negotiation and cross cultural skills in English will help identify where miscommunication can occur and how culture impacts communication and expectations in negotiations. You get strategies for managing international deals and a framework for building relationships across the cultural divide.

Training Benefits

  • Identify your negotiation style
  • Understand  the role of culture in negotiations
  • Train your negotiation performance with video feedback
  • Get tools for relationship building
  • Get Individualized training materials and personalized coaching

Fact sheet

Who should join?

Business professionals who work internationally. English is the working language.

Required English Level

You have a B2 or higher level in English.


Texts, dialogs, role plays, games, scenarios, improvisation techniques voice recording, video feedback.


Individual Coaching: 1 to 1 in company training
Corporate Group Training: 8 participants maximum
Open Seminars: not available

Course Length

Based on individual needs and program design.

Course Price

Based on number of hours and participants.


By appointment at your place of business.