International Team Building

Finding a common purpose

Are you working with a multicultural team? Would you like to improve your team's performance and communication?

In this tailor-made course, you and your team get practical tools for improved communication. Through discussion, brainstorming, improvisation games, role play and goal setting, you will gain an understanding of the team objectives and goals and get a better understanding of each other as people. As you explore ways to overcome communication and cultural barriers, your team will benefit from each other's perspective and find ways to positively work together to achieve better results.

Training Benefits

  • Focus your team's goals and vision
  • Learn about different communication styles
  • Build trust and energize your team
  • Learn how to give constructive feedback
  • In-depth look at cross-cultural dimensions
  • Managing cross-cultural conflicts

Fact sheet

Who should join?

For business professionals and international teams.

Required English Level

You have a B2 or higher level in English.


Knowledge building and performance training using case studies, cultural indices, intercultural theory, intercultural dimensions, improvisation exercises, theater sports, directing skills, games, performance feedback.


Individual Coaching: 1 to 1 coaching
Corporate Group Training: 12 participants maximum

Course Length

Based on individual needs and program design.

Course Price

Based on number of hours and participants.


To be determined by the participant.