Intercultural Communication for International Teams

Getting underneath the surface

Do you have interactions with partners or international colleagues that lead to confusion, misunderstanding and even conflict?

Breakdowns in communication may be due to factors underlying communication caused by differences in expectations and behavior. With global communication and international business, we are interacting and doing business more frequently with people from other cultures and we may not have all the tools necessary to communicate with them appropriately. 

My cross-cultural training will provide you hands-on tools to improve your communication with international colleagues and clients by providing you an understanding of where communication can breakdown. You will learn how to recognize the signs of miscommunication, develop your awareness for differences in perception and learn how to adapt your language and perspective effectively. Building your knowledge of cultural differences will help you get the tools you need to build stronger partnerships.

Training Benefits

  • In-depth look at cross-cultural awareness
  • Learning about cross-cultural dimensions & frameworks
  • Understanding of personal communication style & values
  • Foundation for becoming cross-culturally competent
  • Learning how to manage cross-cultural conflicts
  • Developing tools for effective communication

Fact sheet

Who should join?

Professionals, academics and private people working with people from other cultures.

Required English Level

You have a B2 or higher level in English.

Course Languages

English, German


Knowledge Building and Performance Training using case studies, cultural indices, and role-plays.


Individual Coaching: 1 to 1 in-company training
Corporate Group Training: 16 participants maximum
Workshop / Seminar: Based on individual needs.

Course Length

Based on individual needs and program design.

Course Price

Based on number of hours and participants.


In-company courses are at your place of business.
Workshops & Seminars will be specified on the program details.