Training Process

How does the process work?

The training process is designed to meet your specific needs. At each step of the way, you are at the center of the process. Once we identify your language level and the right training format, I design a course based on your particular situation with appropriate training content to reach your goals.

The training process looks like this:


Defining and Designing
Through in depth consultation, needs analysis and testing, I help you define your objectives and establish a training program design which is flexible and develops with your learning progress. Your training material is specifically developed based on scenarios directly relating to your work and personal situation.


Fine-tuning your skills

In the training you get hands on practice through role play, games, simulations where new skills and language are applied.  You will get knowledge and strategies for better communication to reach your public with clarity. You will also get a chance to practice in a controlled environment where you can fine tune specific skills with feedback.

Through testing and checking, your progress and performance is measured. We create an action plan to provide strategies for improvement.  You adapt new skills and directly integrate them into your work.


Your measuring-stick
At the end of the course, your performance will be tested and evaluated and you will also get a chance to evaluate the course and trainer. With Corporate English language training, corporate clients receive a final performance report which shows your progress and trainer feedback.  Certificates of participation are issued upon demand.

Follow-up Coaching

Long-term impact
If you have participated in a communication or cross-cultural training, follow up coachings can be booked after the final evaluation has taken place. Follow-up coaching takes place over a period of  6 months with personalized appointments where further  targets are set. These feedback sessions are critical for your long term learning and help you continually grow and improve.