Ideas put to life

The training process balances learning by doing with up-to-date theoretical input and personal coaching.

The basis for my trainings is improvisational theater techniques, physical and vocal techniques. Combining effective communication skills with a platform to practice, I help you put your ideas to life.

Training your "muscles"

Communication skills are like muscles that need to be trained. Without practice and the opportunity for feedback, it is difficult to improve your communication skills or to feel confident. Through coaching, repetition, testing and evaluation you will get real tools and skills that you can use in all situations, in business or in your private life.

Laughter is the key that opens the lock.

A memorable training experience is my aim. Whether it is Business English language seminars, expatriate coaching and training, international team building or cross-cultural training, my trainings will stick in your memory as being engaging, effective and fun.

Relevance and reaching your goals

By working closely with you and with your organization, my training programs are designed  to integrate effective English communication skills and cross-cultural learning which are relevant to  your business life. I help you set clear goals which enable your success and continual growth.