About Me

Let me introduce myself

My name is Barbara Sametinger and I am a Communications Trainer  and certified Intercultural Trainer who specializes in Business English Communication, Cross-Cultural Training and Performance Skills for professionals.


Cross-Cultural Experience and Know-How - Personal Touch

Over the last years, I have relocated several times between the US, France and Germany. Fluent in French, German and English, my native language, and having founded a family in Germany, I have a deep understanding of language learning and the impact of culture on communication. Having completed my studies in International Studies and languages in the USA and in France, I have the theoretical know-how backed with the personal experience necessary for cross-cultural training.

Training Expertise - Creativity

I have accumulated 20 years of  training expertise by working with many multinational corporations from all sectors providing training for all levels of learners and on a diversity of topics.

My training style and performing experience has its roots in 20 years of doing theater, singing, song writing, directing and performing in France, Germany and in the US. Improvisation and creativity are core to my training approach.

Management Experience  - Clear Goals

As the former Director of Studies of a language training school, I was responsible for corporate relations, contract negotiations, student consultations, managing and training teachers, teacher mentoring, course development, course management and creativity workshops. Leading a team in a multicultural environment has taught me the value of effective communication and setting clear goals.